The Bandwagon (magnolia107) wrote,
The Bandwagon

I somehow managed to mess up my computer pretty bad and in my effort to fix it I wiped it clean and lost every single file that was on it. Every image, every drawing, every document, every single illegal movie and tv show episode I've ever downloaded, gone. I was so dumbfounded I didn't get mad. My Minecraft file is gone, every short story, internet book mark (I followed at least 35 blogs), everything. I've been restoring what I can with the some of my sd cards and flash drives but it's noting current.

All I wanted was to fix the reason why my computer was shutting down without warning (for no apparent reason) and to fix why the cd player wouldn't launch when I would put a cd in the computer :[ Now everything is different, the welcome screen sucks too. It's gray and sad, I miss the bright blue one with birds.
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