The Bandwagon (magnolia107) wrote,
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spring Stuff

I really loved Tamagotchi virtual pets in the 90's and had about 30 of them. I still have them actually. Recently I went on Ebay and started looking some and discovered some I had not seen before. One was called Tamagotchi Devil and was for sale for $400.00!!!!!!! WOW. I did not buy it. Way too much money! I did find another one I had not heard of called Tamagotchi Ocean and you raise a fish-like creature. I bought that one. It's very cool. But the hefty $135.00 price tag was painful.. It turns out there are many kinds of Tamagotchis that never came to the USA. I want to collect them all!!! (I have 3 non-US ones; Ocean, Mori, and Tamaotch) I want Mothra, Devil, and the special Asian edition ones.

I'm doing good with packing but am running into the issue of what I want to take with me and what I want to leave. I can't expect my family to store a ton of stuff although I know they'd be happy to store one or two boxes high up in a closet. No limit was established on how long I'll be gone though I've somehow managed to come up with one year being the max time I will be gone. I'm not entirely sure how I came up with that but maybe it's because I like to know an entire story from start to finish. It gives this whole new experience a definitive end with no "I don't know" room. Since I don't like surprises, that's my final answer. But it could easily be longer so I'm stuck with what to bring and what not to bring. Will I need it?

Work continues to be a dead-end experience. Many people are encouraging me to find assembly line work or work in a factory setting but 1) That won't work out as well when I leave and 2) It seems all factory or assembly line work is very far away from me and would be a waste to drive so far every day. I have similar reasons regarding school.

I may go skydiving this summer. There's a place right across the MN border in WI that does tandem drops etc. so I might do that with an old friend/coworker. We'll see, skydiving is expensive, and it's not like you go to the place, jump into a harness and then get in the plane and head up into the sky. No. You have to go through a class on safety and whatnot and the whole deal lasts like 3 or 4 hours. I think a basic safety run down would be enough for some people. Like me, who really doesn't have plans to ever jump alone. I suppose they have to though, you are jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft with nothing but a piece of sewn fabric and ropes attached to you. I imagine it does look absolutely batshit insane to most people. It's something I want to do in this lifetime though.
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