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10 years

10 years ago today I was in England. Not sure what I was doing (I'd have to dig out the itinerary) but I know it was sunny and warm. Today is not sunny or warm, and I am not in England. It's a sad day. I have to get ready to go to work soon. To a job where I've had my hours cut so much it's almost a joke to continue working.
The Kings won the Stanley Cup and I took that as a good omen since I'm moving out that way. At least I think I am. I have a lot packed but I haven't put in a formal request for transfer at work yet. Mostly because I can't give a potential new store an exact start date at this point. It would be great if I could talk to my cousin about it but he's somewhere around the southern most part South America in the ocean.

My hobby hobby has led my to Coleco Cabbage Patch dolls. In a short amount of time I have amassed a metric ton of these homely dolls that only a couple are worth saving. Now I have to sell the rest which would take forever but I'm going to cheat and sell them as a lot. The idea was to get rid of everything. I'm keeping my childhood one of course and my two Jesmar dolls plus one I found at a thrift store. She had blue ink all over her face and I got it off using benzoyl peroxide cream.

There's something else I want... It's an autograph. Delayed gratification is not one of my strong points so saving for it has not been easy. I have one gold mine left and that's my limited edition Heliot doll I got in 2009. I have other $600.00+ dolls but the Heliot is the jewel in the crown. My problem is that I don't know HOW I should sell him. Complete set or break it all up and auction him off in pieces. Either way I should probably make a decision because who knows how long the autograph will be available for?

Decision making... Another one of my weakest points... Some people just don't change. I used to long for the day when I would change and become this efficient, productive, well adjusted adult but it never happened. Then I realized that I had to be the one to do it. That led to the realization that I just wasn't motivated enough to change. So now I just keep quiet because who wants to hear people complain? Especially when that person had/has the power to change but didn't want to or try?? I made my proverbial bed and now I'm laying in it. I don't like it, but I don't hate it enough to do something about it. That's sad.
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