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Stranger things have happened

I was at the gas station last night. It was kind of windy and I was minding my own business amongst the pumps. I didn't see a guy in a cowboy hat get into his red truck at first. What compelled me to peer over my shoulder was his loud country music, or rather just to see the source vehicle of something so loud. That's when I noticed the cowboy hat and pressed, collared shirt; and that his truck was red. Just like mine. It might have been mostly dusk, and he obviously was in a parking spot a good distance away from me but I could tell he was looking at my truck, and then at me, thinking maybe that I don't look like the type of person to drive a truck. His truck had a cover on it like mine does. Then he climbed into his vehicle and backed out of the spot but instead of driving off, he paused and looked closer. That's when I turned around more and looked at him and his truck. There was this slight lock-eyed gaze and then he kind of sped off then with his country music blasting. I watched him drive away and wondered if he was watching me too. He looked a little out of place honestly. I mean, MN is pretty far north to be dressed a cowboy and behaving like one. He wasn't being obnoxious but he was flashy. My attention would have been more focused on him had he been wearing a hockey jersey. It seemed like there was a bit of red truck camaraderie going on. It was strange. Normally I don't look at people, even if they're looking directly at me, even if they're waving in an attempt to get my attention. Maybe it was his red truck. I should have looked at his license plate to see if it was out of state. I think it would be funny to see him again. I would definitely recognize him even though I didn't see his face very well.
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