The Bandwagon (magnolia107) wrote,
The Bandwagon

The Year So Far

After much searching, I have finally found and subsequently won, a Tsukuda Cabbage patch doll. Tsukuda made CPK's are pretty rare and when they do pop up one can expect to pay up or trade one of their own children as payment etc. The one I found has a little wear and has had her stitching fixed up in a couple places so I got her cheap at about $55.00. She is after all, in pretty good shape for being 30 years old.



One of the defining characteristics of Tsukuda's is that their eye paint resembles a butterfly. Now I've seen some Kader factory kids and even a couple Jesmar's that have eye paint that look pretty similar but nothing compares to the Japanese kids. I cannot WAIT to have her in hand!

I went a head and made my ICS flash cards anyway. The thrift store find had a poster in addition to a deck of cards and the poster was fine but the deck was weird. I don't like it, so on my lunch break I cut and taped a set. It's only been a day and I can match about 70% of the flags with their corresponding word. I quizzed myself and failed Kilo, November, Papa, Romeo, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, and Yankee. However, this is while the deck is in alphabetical order. I imagine that mixing them up will make things more difficult. There are several flags however, that I know the names of in addition to their meanings and those include India, Oscar, Xray, and Zulu.

I'm going to modify/convert? an old AM radio so that it can receive shortwave frequencies because I've always been fascinated with uvb-76 and thought it would be cool to have a Buzzer Machine. Apparently, the smaller the radio, the less likely it is to work but I still want to try. I want it to be small and portable and not the size of a ghetto blaster. I have all the tools I need to convert it, I'm pretty decent with a soldering pen so I don't think it'll be too hard. Speaking of soldering, I should finish my LED flashlight soldering project.
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