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Wouldn't You Know It

Saw a listing on Ebay for TWO Tsukada CPK's a little while ago. No clothes, and one looked like it's loop hair had been cut or pulled but it was a REALLY good deal. I so would have jumped on them but my Paypal account is empty D: And I'm not touching my bank account anymore until after the big stuff is done and over. I haven't even checked to see if they're still available because I know if they ARE, I'll just want them more and if they're gone... I'll be mad that I didn't buy them. I shouldn't be so damn greedy though, I did win an auction for a Tsukada just days ago. Based on the provided shipping info I should have her by Friday. I hope so anyway, supposedly I paid for "expedited shipping" yet it gave the arrival time frame of June 27-July 14..... If you could only see my disgusted face. That's more bogus than finding shit in the mop bucket at work, which I've had the terrible misfortune of experiencing.

It's been about 1 day since I made my signal flag cards and I can pretty much name all the flags in any order. A couple I know the meaning of as well. For some reason I struggled with Kilo and Echo and if I ever miss some when I'm zipping through the stack, those are usually in the "miss" pile.


Uniform, Yankee, and India respectively.

Incidentally, the Bloodhound Gang song Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo didn't help me learn.
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