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Secret Life of Katie

Katie Bird is a vintage Cabbage Patch Kid doll from the mid 80's. Born and living a life before me. She's older than I am. Sold in Minnesota? Maybe, no guarantees. I am partial to old and worn things and have an absolute affinity for it's provenance, and not just the manufacture details (though I love knowing those as well and luckily have that info on Katie) Unfortunately I don't know who owned Katie before me, or how many owned her before me. I don't even know her original name and no Cabbage patch doll can remember it's own name once separated from it's factory adoption papers.
I acquired Katie at a Unique thrift store for a few dollars in early June. She was face down on the shelf dressed in a gray outift with fishnet sleeves and a yellow band around the waist (after a bit of research I found the outfit is missing leggings, legwarmers, and shoes). She was pretty dirty and held her at arm's length until I could wash her.

The earliest picture I have of her. I wish I'd taken a few "before" pictures but oh well.

What I do know for sure is that Katie was made in the Perfecta factory, in China. Perfecta 'kids supposedly had well formed hands and long bodies. Honestly, I don't see much of a difference and I have laid her out next to other Perfecta 'kids in addition to KT, OK, SS, J, and other 'kids. Perfecta was also known for making "sun tanned" dolls and Katie definitely has this trait. Some were also prone to a certain type of mold that infiltrated the vinyl heads giving the dolls spots, usually referred to as "pox" amongst collectors. Luckily, Katie didn't get pox. There is no treatment or cure. All that can be done really is repainting the head or putting human makeup over the spots. It's an eerie condition that has levels of "severity" and makes the dolls look truly ill. Pox isn't contagious but I'm superficial and refuse to adopt any pox 'kids due to the fear of the mold somehow spreading to my "healthy" dolls.


That's me sitting and applying benzoyl peroxide with a cotton swab to all the ink spots that Katie had on her face which the Magic Eraser wouldn't take off. I feared the ink was going to be a permanent feature but the acne medicine worked amazingly well and I highly recommend it for removing ink stains from vinyl. I even applied it to her cheeks, which have pink "blush" on them and the cream didn't damage the paint at all. Overall very pleased with how well it went. I've read stories of people needing to reapply the stuff 5 or 6 times and then leave it on the doll for up to a month and then have to set the doll in direct sunlight or under a lamp for the intense heat and god damn, all I did was smudge some on her spots and let her sit overnight, in the dark, and the ink was magically gone in less than 10 hours.



Wearing Coleco bloomers, socks, and shoes with a Hasbro dress in both of these pictures. The dress is actually a childhood item that I played with with my BBB CPK doll. Ironically, BBB's fetch pretty high prices on Ebay but I'd never sell mine in a million years.


Wearing the above bloomers with the proper Coleco dress. I'm not up on the factories that Coleco commissioned to produce CPK clothing but this dress is tagged CC factory, China.

tl;dr this post is about a doll.
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