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Objects of Desire

Well I knew I wanted a particular autograph but then I got the genius idea to see what other's are available via Steiner Sports and found ANOTHER one that I want. This new one I want costs nearly four times LESS than first one but it's still an expense I didn't really need. I simply have to have it though. In fact, I'll probably get that one first.

I have a few things listed on Ebay right now and will hopefully sell the 2 more expensive items (the cheap, borderline worthless ones always seem to sell with no trouble) because that will allow me get my autograph without having to access my checking account at all and that's a good thing. I'm supposed to be saving for hotel's and things related to moving since I have the rest of July, all of August, and 1 to 3 weeks of September to finish everything and arrive in California and then basically be ready to work 1 or two days after rolling in.

I've been doing good with packing I think. I've gone through my dresser and packed up all the things I want but know I won't wear between now and then so I still have 2 drawers that contain the things I still wear, 3 are empty. I've emptied my kitchen drawer, taken all my glassware, taken nearly all of my stuff from the basement, and have packed up all the CDs. I have a plastic tote ready for computer stuff (don't want the computer stuff in cardboard) but am already worried about space in my truck. I STILL haven't measured my boxes to see if they'll even FIT in the back of my truck with the cover down and locked. I'm starting to wonder if maybe sending 1 or two boxes through the mail would be a good idea. Nothing huge of course but if I have a straggler box of clothes or something and it's somewhat light weight, I could just mail it to my new address.

Still nervous about my pets. I'm wondering if I could pay my parents to look after my two fish tanks. I don't know if they'd go for it... They're always going on about how tired they are of their birds...
Tags: hockey, i need a money tree stat!, i want it bad, money tree crop was bad last season, object of desire, wanty wants
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