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I caught a cold or some other upper respiratory infection. I remember the moment it came on actually. Throat hurt pretty bad for a couple days which then morphed into a scratchy throat with a really dry cough, plus now both of my ears are hurting and my head hurts and I don't hear well. I've been taking decongestants and they seemed to be helping but now today I haven't noticed a difference. I don't have a fever but I feel like garbage. I've been feeling a little nausea but I assume that's from all the mucus and phlegm (eww!!). Haven't had much of an appetite either and when I think I'm hungry and get some food I suddenly feel sick and don't want to eat at all *huge eye roll* I don't want it to turn into an ear infection because I don't take medicine and if it DOES turn into an ear infection then I HAVE to take medicine because I don't want my eardrum to rupture like my mom's when she had an ear infection... I'm also against having Strep. I'm pretty sure it's NOT Strep though, I'd be in way more pain if it was -I know- I filled my Strep quota for life when I was a kid and got it 2-4 times a year. Then I had my tonsils out at 11 and have had it once. I'd like to keep it that way.

Side note: There's a Total Hockey really close to the pet store I go to. I kind of want to go in there.
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