The Bandwagon (magnolia107) wrote,
The Bandwagon

Expecting More

I've never been social or bubbly. I have no problem saying that. I only had 37 Facebook friends, all of which I knew in person except for 1 (but we met on the fish forum). I was by NO means expecting every single friend to comment on my status announcing my plans to move to California. I think only 4 people acknowledged that status. I was a little taken aback. I waited a few days before saying anything about the move again but when I did, zero acknowledgments. Nothing. I realize some people are busy and not using Facebook at all during the summer, and I excuse the few who noticed the previous status but that still leaves about 30 people who use Facebook regularly and either saw it and ignored it, or those who hadn't noticed at all. Call me selfish or childish but I was expecting more people to notice. I wasn't expecting people to make lavish comments or say how jealous they are etc etc. That's not what I wanted at all. I just thought a "like" or a quick "have fun" would have been nice. I think I caught a little glimpse of who actually gives a damn. And it surprised me.

On a lighter note, a watched a YouTube video of people doing Parkour/free running and now I want to start doing that! The nice part is, you don't have to buy any equipment to practice. In fact, one instructional video suggested practicing barefoot because you'll get immediate feedback from lands or any falls you make/miss which will help prevent you from doing too much too early on.

In the spirit of excitement and in a moment of inspiration I thought I'd do a somersault. Now the last time I did a somersault all my bones creaked and I was injured. This time, it went great so I did a second one right after the first... I was so dizzy and disoriented that I decided to lay flat to prevent passing out. It was awful. And to think I used to be in dance class and do crap like that all the time. No time like the present though.

I don't know what the move is called but my favorite move is when a person takes a running jump using their hands to help them vault and then they use their hands a second time on the next hurdle and not use their feet. I think it's called a cat jump or something. I don't know. It's cool looking.
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