The Bandwagon (magnolia107) wrote,
The Bandwagon

Arm's all healed

My sliced and diced wrist is all healed but there's still a large maroon mark in it's place which just screams and begs from the tops of mountains for people ask if I'm a cutter and "BB are U OK?!"
I assume I'll have a scar for the rest of my life. I'll call it my receipt for being a dumb ass, much like the tattoo about 12 inches away from it which just turned 8 years old on October 2nd.
I listed the most expensive thing I own besides my truck for sale on Ebay. It's a doll. If I'm lucky It'll go for the starting price. If I want real shot at making it to the golden state of lovely CA than someone will have to go a head with the BIN button. It wouldn't have to be like that but my truck decided it wanted about $700.00 of my money for an issue with the anti-lock brakes. I thought I could live with the problem which was much more like a slight inconvenience but when I nearly drove off the Arizona level parking ramp at the Mall of America while on a quest to temporarily console my insatiable quest for stuff because the brakes decided to completely freeze I decided it was time to get things taken care of.
I do get paid 3 times this month. This is great news. I can pay off the bill in one fell swoop. Besides that I continue to live out of boxes and practice living out of plastic show box organizers.
My QT Mark Messier autograph has been placed in it's temporary frame and I hate it. What I thought would happen has definitely happened. The photo looks warped, like it got wet. It most certainly hasn't, but the frame is cheap and has no matting so it looks sloppy and very college dorm-chic. I look at frames where ever I go and finding a frame that mats DOWN to 16x20 is hard. There are tons of 16x20 frames but they all mat down to 11x14... Not sure what I'm going to do.

I found my first Sims 3 legacy family tree. The last name was Dark Star and my first Sim was named Knives. He married his rich neighbor Holly and they had 3 kids named Marisol, Prodigy, and Flouretta. Prodigy was the one to carry the legacy on. His son Athenos came next, then Ponyboy, Elk Heart, Harvey-Danger, Bemidji, Hogshead, and Royale. Then I ran into a problem. The Sims 3 prided it's self on being this game where your Sims' kids could keep going and reproducing but after so many generation things get buggy. Royale's vampire wife Tawanna (which was actually one of Royale's distant as hell aunts, back up near gen 3 (accounting for why she was still alive too)) was pregnant with the final generation. The jewel in my legacy crown but then she just never gave birth to the child. A bug prevented her from doing it. On top of that I wasn't able to leave the household because of another bug. It was seriously fucked up. I couldn't move, travel, nothing. Then, the icing on the miserable dirt cake came in the form of Royale dying. I couldn't bring him back to life, or quit without saving and start over. Since his wife was still pregnant I wouldn't have been able to do anything anyway. It was infuriating! I worked so hard on it. I've tried doing the legacy challenge multiple times since then but I just never got that into it again. maybe I'll try with the Sims 4 if I ever get that game.
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