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Going Again

Looks like things are moving again. I'm now waiting to hear back from the store I've picked out. It's a 24 hour store and I so am not interested in overnights so I hope they don't tell that's all they have... My first choice store turned out to be a waste of time. The guy that answered the phone sounded awesome and upbeat but the store manager... Whoa. He sounded crude, impatient, and just all around like a jerk. The second store I called was better. The girl that answered the phone seemed nice enough and the store manager there seemed receptive but hurried. She told me to send all my info, including my current store's info via email and that they'd get a hold of me... So now I'm waiting for that. Probably should have put a little note in the email saying to call a little later in the day versus morning but oh well. At least a connection has been made. Things are suddenly so real. A bad example would be in a video game where you go to face the final boss and you walk through a door way and an iron door slides down behind you and locks so you can't leave. That's kind of what's happening here. It's scary because it's new, but it's what I want.

So now I have to tote this damn phone around with me where ever I go in case I get the call.

My parents obviously didn't think I was serious when I told them I was moving (a month ago) they seemed to hear me but they've gone back to saying things like; "When winter gets here, you'll need the sand bags in your truck again." and "Come Christmas, we'll have to go here, and here, do this, this, and that."

I think my parents are banking on my timid nature and reluctance to talk to people and ask for help to keep me in MN. Not to "control" me or boss me around or whatever but they think I'm making a mistake and that I don't know what I'm doing. That I'm not "prepared" enough or fully capable of doing this on my own. That's pushing me to prove them wrong.
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