The Bandwagon (magnolia107) wrote,
The Bandwagon


Coming home. Not sure exactly when or how I'm going to pull it off since I'm out of money and do not have an income but I actually can't stand being in California anymore. I am too sad here. My cousin is almost completely indifferent to my presence and hasn't spoken a single word to me in nearly 3 days. I know deep down that he wouldn't care if I left. Probably wouldn't care if I left in the middle of dang night even. I can picture his reaction when he finds out, a day or two will probably pass first before he realizes since he doesn't say anything to me anyhow or check to see if I'm alive or in the apartment, and then he'll raise his eyebrows a bit and maybe nod once or twice and make a sort of "Huh" or "Hm" sound and the go make a cup of coffee, grab three or four granola bars, and go play computer games and not give it a second thought. I've got more scathing things to say but at this point I'm just filled with anger and poison.
Tags: hurt
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