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The Dakotas

On Thursday afternoon I hit my hand very hard on my desk. Hard enough where I thought my hand was broken. It was not- but it hurt so badly I wanted to get an x-ray. I didn't. I couldn't pick anything up or hold anything heavier than a piece of paper. I couldn't even get dressed fully without help. Saturday morning it felt better but still hurt. Also on Saturday morning I went to South Dakota with a friend.

We left at about 7:30am and stopped at a candy store in Mitchell (she got a maple bacon flavored sucker - yuck) and stayed in Rapid City Saturday night after going to Falls Park in Sioux Falls and Wall Drug in Wall. On Sunday morning we went to the reptile garden place with the large dome. It was very pretty and much nicer than I remember it in 2005 when I was there with family. After that we went up through Hill City and walked up and down the main drag and went to shops. There were A LOT of bikers there. After that we went to the Crazy Horse memorial. We skipped Mt. Rushmore.

Finally, we made it to the Badlands. I had no idea something so pretty existed! And so close to MN too. We could have spent so much more time there but we wanted to get back to Sioux Falls so we could go down to Omaha Nebraska the next day to go to the zoo and then drive all the way back to the twin cities. It didn't happen that way. We got to Sioux Falls kind of late (after 10pm) and slept in a little too. We got up and decided to just go back to Falls Park for a while which we did and then made our way back to MN. I got home at about 5pm on Monday evening.

Today, the same friend and I went to the Mall of America to play Pokemon Go and do a little shopping. From there we went to the Burnsville mall and I got pretzels. From there we went to Black Dog road (an old cruising spot we used to frequent in 2007-2010) and finally to a park by my house to play more Pokemon.

Her and I are going to plan a trip to the Badlands and camp there! We want to explore it better. We're also going to plan a trip to Colorado and the grand Canyon. We're hoping to go in late spring or early summer of 2017. I'm tempted to take a long weekend and go down to Omaha to go to the zoo myself at some point. It sounds awesome.

She rented the car we used in SD.
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