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Pink eyed baby

My package arrived today. Contained my second old version Baby Born doll. As far as I know one batch of dolls was made over ten years ago that had a slight defect. When the doll got wet (and thus the eyes) and was then left out the normally blue eyes would turn a ghostly shade of pink.

Normal baby

Defective baby

Funny thing is I've only ever known these dolls to come from Australia. The "bad" batch must have been sent there, that's where my new one and old one came from. I check Ebay all the time for them. I think they are just greatest "mistakes" ever. I'm a nerd. My house is basically a retirement home for old toys. Especially ones that have served their life purpose and had their greatest desires fulfilled. Which is to be loved (almost to death) by their original owners. Dolls and toys that are bought and sold that have never been out of their boxes just don't appeal as much!

EDIT: I just searched Ebay and found 2 more pink eyed Baby Born dolls, both of which are in Australia. That keeps the total amount of dolls located in Australia at 100%. One of them has dark skin. SO MUCH WANT!!! I don't have much money! I'll watch the auction. Shipping is so expensive from Australia :( ($54.00 to have my last two dolls shipped)

Cleaning the tropical fish tank yielded two baby Platy fry <333 They are ADORABLE.
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