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"The Law of Conservation of Mass states that matter can be changed from one form into another, mixtures can be separated or made, and pure substances can be decomposed, but the total amount of mass remains constant"


I rescued her, her fins, deteriorated from poor living conditions in the pet store were gone. She could hardly swim. No one cared about her. She was "damaged merchandise"


It's hard to believe it's the same fish. Her tail reminded me of a luna moth. Lovely gentle girl. Never a fighter, never alpha fish. Just a dainty wispy girl. She didn't go into kidney failure so I'm not sure what got her. Her tank mates are all fine so I'm chalking it up to weakened immune system caused by severe, early trauma in life. Proof that even if you save a fish from horrid conditions and they seem to make a full recovery, they don't really. There will always be stunting of growth (her fins grew back but she never actually increased in size) and they will probably have a shortened lifespan. I had this girl about 3 years and she was probably around 6-12 months old when I saved her so she was at most 4 years old. Which, for her variety of goldfish (Oranda) is about half of what she could have lived had she been properly cared for from the start. Orandas can live to be about 8-12.
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