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13 On and 13 Off

Edit: I guess this is my 1,111th entry in this journal.

I cut apart 3 Jellycat plush animals and made 3 chimera plush out of the pieces. Since this picture was taken I've removed the tail and sewn on the rabbit tail.

So you know how you can cut butter or cheese with a piece of string if you hold the ends tightly? Yes? Well that's how I got this injury. I was doing laundry and a piece of elastic got wrapped around a sheet in the washer so I wrapped it around my wrist and yanked it as hard as I could after trying patiently to untangle it for .3 seconds (pro tip: I have no patience). I didn't even feel it I was so angry. When I hold my arm up to a dark background I see the canyon in my wrist. It's deep. It looks like I'm wearing a bloody, seeping bracelet. I'm kind of lucky I didn't hit any veins. That would have been a trip to the ER.

A MN North Stars shirt I'm repairing. The seam on the collar is popped in two places and it has a couple of moth (or ripped on something sharp) holes. I can fix the seams fine but I'm not sure I can do anything about the holes. I got 100% pure silk thread but the color I got was wrong (you'd think if the fabric where you were going to sew was mostly black you'd use black thread but god no, it has to be white or gray)
Even if I can't fix the holes I still really like it. It's provenance alone is amazing, even if I don't know what it is entirely. The shirt was obviously loved. It was in St. Paul so it didn't travel far. I'm glad it can enjoy it's retirement with me, where it will be admired the rest of it's days.

Aside from all that I've been listening to a ton of Fleetwood Mac and packing like a fool. I've even started packing things I won't take. Things I either don't have room for or things I know I won't need but can't get rid of. I wan't to make sure that when I leave, there will be minimal signs that I ever lived. I've also decided that I simply can't put it off any more, I MUST have those 3 autographs. I plan on buying the first one (the cheap one) next week, unless I can scrounge up more money via Ebay sales but I'm not holding my breath.

9/11 this year marked 13 years gone. I have now lived the same amount of time withOUT the twin towers existing as I did WITH them. I will ALWAYS remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news. I don't think I'll ever forget the shimmering, confetti like appearance of all that paper floating to the ground. That's what haunts me the most... All that damn paper slowly and so gently fluttering to the ground, shining in the sun. It was such a gorgeous morning.
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