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In good old "me" fashion, I've gone a head and decided to learn another language in the midst of probably the most important decision I've made in my life at this point. The language is French. The first word I learned in French (besides c'est la vie and oui and all those other words and phrases that Americans just seem to "know") was bison... Yeah... The big wooly beastie things that used to freely roam the Americas. In case you were curious, it's le bison and no, it's not pronounced "luh by-son" it's more like luh bee-zoon but the n is very peculiar. It's pronounced through your nose as if you had a cold or some such. Moving on..

I figured since I was making an attempt to learn French I thought what better time to learn the cyrillic alphabet???????????? Strangely enough, I think I know more Russian than I do French. At least word wise. I know the words for "peace" "house" "no war" and common greetings etc because where I work there's a pretty large Russian and Ukrainian population.

The other thing was a drawing I started. My computer just loves to crap out on me when I have Paint Tool Sai up and running so I've lost SO many drawings that I liked and thought were pretty good. I never knew I could like a paint program so much. Couple that with my Bamboo tablet and I think I like it better than plain paper and pencils... I started the following drawing just to see if i could draw the helmet because I thought it looked challenging. Then it just kind of turned into a whole person...

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