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Just the Facts

This is my second day in California and so far, uneventful WOULD be my word of choice to describe it but that would be an insult to the word. I have been so stir crazy and bored I've been wondering if I made the mistake of century. This is NOT my idea of fun. I could/would just drive somewhere and get some supplies but my truck's front left wheel is weird. I'd rather not drive it around unless it's to a mechanic or something. I'm here alone, my cousin is with his girlfriend and I have no idea as to what I can do. Yesterday he was gone all day until about 5pm and I went with him back to his girlfriend's to meet her. Later on he dropped me back off at the apartment and has been gone/with her ever since. I have no idea if and when he's coming back today or tomorrow. It would be a little different if we were in the new 2 bed room apartment because I'd have a little space of my own but no one knows when one will be available. Could be a week from now (and trust me a week will be torturous enough) or two months from now. I thought I knew the true meaning of misery while working at at my old job.
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